About Us

NYSBTA is a training center for safety management, security & emergency first responders. We offer Water Safety-Backflow Testing,  Security Training, First Aid CPR Courses & Emergency Response Training.


Each course meets State of New York requirement of the Department of Health and the American Red Cross.


The New York State Backflow Testers Association was formed to create  a platform where testers  can collectively insure water safety standards are being met and information pertaining to this is properly tracked. The organization is affiliated with

Cimino Backflow Testing and Inspection which was established in 2010


The NYSBTA works closely with the state to maintain standards and meet compliance issues through out the industry.  



Commercial & Residential Testing 

Backflow prevention is used for both commercial and residential buildings. NYSBTA offers training to address multiple preventer devices. A well operating backflow device is a key component to ensuring safe drinking water for American communities. Therefore meeting industry standards and making sure residents and commercial building are in compliance are of primary importance to our organization.