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New York State Backflow Testers Association


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be a plumber to be a backflow tester?

No, Not in New York State

  • When will I get my certificate ?

After grading all of the test and quizzes, a report is made and sent to NYSDOH. They issue your number to me and then I process everything. This can take up to 2 weeks or more depending how backed up the Health department is. If you did not pass, you have up to one year to re-take whichever portion you did not pass. Otherwise you must re-take the course again. This rule is not my rule it comes from the New York State  health department. 


  • What Backflow Report must I use?

New York State has 3 types of reports, it all depends on where you are testing, we will teach you about all 3. When and where to use them.


  • Where do I send in the reports?

It all depends on the jurisdiction; you must check with every place you work in. Sometimes the water department or the building department will collect the reports.


  • What kind of course do I need?

In New York State, you are required to take a class with an approved provider, most classes are 32 Hours. Our class is up to 40 Hours due to the fact we are associated with a national association. We will also have a class to allow you to test in all 50 states as well. No other provider in New York can offer that.


  • How long is the certificate good for?

The certificate is good for 3 years; you must re-certify before your certificate expires. If you expire, you have up to 1 year before you must retake the course all over again.


  • Where is the certificate good for?

It is good for the whole state of New York

  • What kind of Testing procedures do we use?

We will teach you ASSE, but there are others that are used as well. New York allows all kind of Testing procedures.


  • When must I re-calibrate my gauge?

It is suggested that you must have it done every year.

  • Will I be allowed to test in the 5 Boroughs of Manhattan ?

Yes, The certificate is good for the whole state of New York. The 5 Boroughs has their own test forms, we will show you how to fill them out and where to file them. 

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